Hey truck and van fleet operators!

Communication is key to running fleets of semi-trucks,delivery vans, and utility trucks. You need to communicate with drivers, but that can be hard in low-signal areas. It’s not enough anymore to know where your driver is going. It’s not enough to know where they’ve been. You need to know where they are right now. 

Customers have become spoiled by companies like Amazon which provide real-time tracking of their delivery trucks. Admit it, people have asked you for the same thing. 

Signal Connect has communications solutions for fleets.

You need to know you can reach your drivers no matter where they are. Whether it’s real-time GPS tracking, push-to-talk, or good old-fashioned phone calls, you need confidence. Luckily, there are great options out there. Whether your drivers need a cell phone booster, or an on-the-go connectivity solution, Signal Connect has them. 

Cell phone signal boosters

A cell phone signal booster helps drivers get through congested areas and areas with weak signal. By taking a larger antenna outside the vehicle and a re-broadcasting amplifier, a cell phone booster can keep your trucks on the grid more often. 


In-vehicle cellular internet

Sometimes you need more than just one device on the grid. Give all of your van’s devices great internet using a gotW3 cellular router. The gotW3 system turns cell data into real, usable Wi-Fi and wired internet. Think of it like a hotspot, but one that actually works the way you want it to.


But here’s the thing… We do more than sell these products.

Our experts consult you on the best solution for your fleet. Let us help you keep you and your drivers connected. We have thousands of parts and accessories designed to improve the fleet experience. Not only that we have a large staff of technicians in our Novi, Michigan-based call center ready to help you before, during, and after the sale.

Anyone can sell you something. It’s service that counts. That’s what you tell your customers, and we believe it too. We know that you’re perfectly capable of googling something and saving a dime on our already-low prices. But we go the extra mile for our customers, just like you do. We believe it’s worth 10 cents more. 

As a small business yourself you probably spend a lot of time convincing people that local small businesses matter. We agree. Solid Signal is a small business in southern Michigan, and we support dozens of jobs. We’re just the kind of partner you need… one that believes what you believe.

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