How to give the gift of streaming

What do you do for the “late adopter” on your holiday list? You know who I’m talking about here. Maybe it’s the baby boomer who hears people talk about “neck flicks” and still doesn’t understand what it’s all about. Maybe it’s that really tech-averse person in your workplace who is afraid of having a home full of wires. Maybe it’s even a millennial who just never embraced technology but is tired of hearing about all the great shows.

No matter who that hard-to-shop-for person is, there’s one great solution.

This is the AirTV Player. It’s a simple, easy-to-use box that combines streaming and live TV antenna reception into the easiest possible solution.

Use AirTV to get Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and thousands of other apps through the Google Play store. Its voice-activated remote makes searching easy, but for those old-schoolers you can even connect a keyboard — wired or wireless. It’s as easy as it gets.

The genius of AirTV

For someone who doesn’t want a lot of cords or cables, AirTV is a perfect solution. It connects to a home network over Wi-Fi (you can connect wired if you want) meaning that the only cables are the power cord, the connection to the TV, and the antenna cable. It’s a clean installation and unlike most tech out there, its simple white design makes it look at home almost anywhere.

The AirTV player takes the place of three different boxes:

Cable TV box

With its included Sling app, you can get all the national channels you crave. Use DVR functions like recording and pausing live TV, get a grid guide just like cable gives you. Yes, there’s a monthly charge, but it’s about a quarter of what most people pay for cable TV.

Streaming player or smart TV

You probably have an AppleTV, Fire Stick, or other streaming device, but for those who are just getting into streaming, the AirTV player gives pretty much every app you’re used to. It’s very easy to switch from live TV to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and thousands of other video apps. Most of them are free. The AirTV runs on the AndroidTV system, which gives the same capabilities as any other streaming box.

Antenna converter box

Most TVs today have very cheap tuners. It’s true you could connect your antenna straight to the TV, but in a lot of cases you’re not getting the strongest signals. With the AirTV player you not only get the strongest tuner but you get a grid-style guide with over a week of data, plus DVR functions if you connect a flash drive or hard drive.

Get AirTV Player at a special price

Here’s how to look like a hero this holiday. Check out the special price on this AirTV Player. You get the player, an indoor antenna, and a very special price. This whole package is less expensive than any other streaming player you’ll find. There’s just one thing you need to know.

In order to get this price, you need to prepay for three months of any Sling package. Sling is the app that gives you live TV and DVR functions on national channels, all through the AirTV Player.

You can sign up for Sling yourself and prepay on your card if you want. Then, after 3 months, the person getting the gift can transfer the payment to their card or cancel the service. There’s no contract, it’s completely month to month.

For more details on this special deal, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. You won’t find this special price anywhere else.

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