How to keep the kids from getting bored while you travel

Summertime’s here and it seems like the new favorite activity is RV’ing. The family’s been stuck at home for a while, and it’s time to get out on the road. Now that you’re the dad or mom (or grandparent) you’re in the driver’s seat. You’re looking out at the open road, but what are the kids looking at?

If you think back to your own youth, you know the answer. They’re looking to get in trouble. That shiny new RV has a lot more space than your parents’ old station wagon or minivan, but it’s still not enough space to keep your kids from getting into mischief. You might try some of those old car games like “I Spy” and “Slug Bug” but you’ll realize quickly that today’s kids don’t have much use for those distractions.

The kids want their screens

Look, we can fight about whether or not the kids really ought to be enjoying the open road, but the fact is that kids today take in the world through their phones. It’s how the world works today and come on, you know they’re just taking after you right? So, let’s all admit that there’s a time and a place for the distraction of a phone. Maybe 250 miles into I-10 in West Texas just might be that place.

Here’s how to give them what they want

An RV isn’t a perfect place for cell reception. RVs have a lot of construction that blocks cell signals, even if the kids are near a window. Not only that, but there could be thousands of other people vying for those cell signals as well if you’re traveling near a city. Luckily, there are options.

This is the weBoost Drive X RV edition. It’s a cellular signal booster that’s specifically designed for RVs. It installs permanently and wires to your RV’s electrical system. The large outdoor antenna pulls in cell signals better than the tiny antennas in your kids’ phones. The booster safely amplifies those signals up to 100,000 time and blasts them out through the indoor antenna. The result is great cell signal throughout the RV. That means more reliable streaming, more social media, and fewer problems.

Because let’s be honest here. There comes a point you just want the kids to sit there quietly. This is how you do it.

There’s an even better option

You might be thinking there’s a flaw in this plan. Maybe the kids don’t have unlimited data plans. If you sit each of them down with a different movie to stream, you’re going to pay for overages or the data is just going to stop. All of a sudden you’re back to having the same problem.

The gotW3 system is a great solution for families that consume a lot of data on the road. It’s a cellular router… think of it as a “hotspot on steroids.” It uses one data plan with a healthy 300GB/month and turns that into Wi-Fi for everyone. It works at home, on the road, even in hotels. Take it with you wherever you go. You’ll get internet for all your family members at one low price.

The gotW3 device has larger antennas so it’s going to work better than your kids’ phones, but if you still think you need better service, it can be combined with a cell booster like the Drive X above to get even better service.

Don’t leave home without them

While your trip is still in the planning stages, you probably think the kids are going to marvel and wonder at every roadside attraction. But the truth is they are going to get bored, and that is going to be a problem. Put in solutions like these before you leave and you’ll end up with a happy trip that everyone will remember.

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