FROM THE FRONT LINES: Can you use rechargeable batteries in your DIRECTV remote?

Our 100% US-based call center gets a lot of questions. Some are good, and some… really take a little thought. Here’s one that’s sort of in the middle. You can see what they’re going for here.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in the DIRECTV remote? I don’t want to be responsible for pollution.

The answer that may surprise you

Well you can… but I wouldn’t. And I know, I try to promote responsible recycling on this blog. So it’s probably surprising that I’m answering the way I am. So, let me take a moment to explain. It does make sense to use rechargeable batteries when you can, but sometimes there’s a level of inconvenience that makes it more of a problem than it’s worth. At least the way I see it.

Battery life is the real point here

DIRECTV remotes are really efficient with their battery use. Not only that, the newer ones (like the one above) will actually give you an on-screen warning when the battery is low. Or so they say. I’ve been using this model of remote for 7 years without changing the batteries more than once that I recall. You won’t see a warning from year to year if you’re using good alkaline or lithium batteries, but rechargeable batteries don’t last as long. It might actually be more annoying to use rechargeables than it is to just change the batteries every couple of years when they need changing.

Be smart and savvy

If you’re committed to preserving the environment (good for you!) you can certainly use rechargeable batteries but then of course you will have to remove them to recharge them every couple of months and that could mean that either you need to have other batteries around or another whole remote. Newer DIRECTV receivers and DVRs are notoriously harder and harder to control without a remote and with a Genie client… no remote means no control at all. So how environmentally responsible is it to have more batteries or more remotes just so you can use rechargeables? I mean, eventually I guess it’s going to pencil out over the course of a decade or two. Maybe. I guess I’d have to do the hard math on that one.

Don’t get me wrong… use rechargeables when you can, but maybe this isn’t the best application for them.

While you’re thinking about it…

DIRECTV remotes last forever. They hardly ever wear out. But, they do get lost. Here’s something you probably didn’t realize: At Solid Signal, you can get a genuine replacement DIRECTV remote for less than you’ll pay for a cheap universal one at the drug store. Don’t believe me? Check out the great selection of DIRECTV remotes at right now. You’d be surprised. And remember, that both models of DIRECTV remote work with all DIRECTV receivers and DVRs in IR mode. They also work with the AT&T TV service as well!

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