NICE AND EASY: Can an HR24 DVR see what’s on a Genie?

Great news if you’re one of those people who needs more than 5 tuners. Sure, the HR54 Genie can record 5 things at once plus one on-demand title at a time, but maybe that’s not enough for you. The good news is that you can add up to 5 HR24 DVRs if you’re using the standard SWM-16 multiswitch or up to 8 HR24 DVRs if you’re using the new 21-tuner SWM LNB. That gives you the ability to record up to 21 things at once which honestly, is more than you will get from any other provider. You will see everything that’s recorded on every DVR on your playlist, although there are some limitations.

The HR54 Genie can serve three streams at once, meaning that you can watch something you’ve recorded on it, and three other devices can watch recorded programs (or watch live TV if they’re Genie Mini Clients.) The HR24 DVR can only serve one stream, meaning that if someone else is watching something recorded on any HR24, you won’t be able to watch something recorded on it.

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