NICE AND EASY: Can you use a computer as a cell booster?

It’s amazing what comes through our help desk, folks. This question came to me from one of our technicians and I had to chuckle. While there is no technical reason that you couldn’t build a cell booster into a USB-powered device or a card to be placed inside a tower PC, it’s never going to happen.

A computer by itself has the power to handle the calculations, but none of the broadcast ability, and adding that would cost pretty much the same as a standalone cell booster. So it’s just not going to happen, folks. Period, end of discussion.

On the other hand, standalone cell boosters continue to get better and better, with new models that don’t even need an outdoor antenna and still cover a large area. If you have problems making calls while inside the home or office (and who doesn’t?) you owe it to yourself to look at the large variety of cellular signal boosters that you’ll find at Solid There are options for almost any budget and every size building. There’s no reason to live with bad cell service!

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