NICE AND EASY: If I have DIRECTV Satellite, do I get DIRECTV NOW for free?

Well yes and no. DIRECTV NOW is the streaming service from AT&T that offers live TV without a contract. It has more channels at a better price than any of the other services, offers more local TV than anyone and is available on almost every phone, tablet and streaming device.

But, it’s different from DIRECTV Satellite, which is the service that about 24 million Americans know and love. If you truly wanted both, you would have to pay for both.

Except, it’s hard to understand why you would want both. Because, if you have DIRECTV Satellite, you have access to the award-winning DIRECTV app for phones and tablets, which features well over 100 live streaming channels plus access to the same on-demand library as DIRECTV NOW. It also gives you the ability to access your DVR’s programming from anywhere and even schedule future recordings. So, with all that, why would you pay for an additional DIRECTV NOW subscription?

If you’re interested in getting DIRECTV Satellite -or- DIRECTV NOW, give us a call at Solid Signal at 877.312.4547 and we can help you decide which service is best for you!

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