How often should you reboot a DIRECTV receiver?

It’s a good question. In years past, conventional wisdom suggested rebooting the receiver about once a week or so to make sure things worked right. Receivers left on too long tended to be slow and cranky and a simple reboot tended to solve a lot of problems.

In fact, DISH receivers used to schedule themselves to reboot as often as once a day (usually in the middle of the night) to keep themselves fresh.

That wisdom has all but faded and truthfully there’s hardly a need to reboot the receiver manually as long as you’re satisfied overall. Even if you are unhappy, there’s only about a 50/50 chance a reboot is going to help you. It’s possible and worth a try, but the kinds of problems solved by a reboot are much less common today.

It turns out that with today’s receivers, clients, and DVRs, the right schedule for rebooting is about once a quarter which (not surprisingly) is about the same schedule as DIRECTV’s software updates. So what I’m saying here is you don’t need to manually reboot ever because the box will reboot itself when there’s a software update.

If you find yourself rebooting a lot, it could be a sign of something else that’s really wrong. The device could be slowing down due to bad wiring, for example, and filling up system logs that slow down the whole device. Or, a hard drive could be failing and the reboot could repair and recover bad sectors temporarily. That sort of thing means it’s probably getting time to either replace the receiver or look at some of the wiring issues you may have.

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