Is there one app that works with DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV Satellite?

If you’re excited about DIRECTV NOW, the live streaming TV app from DIRECTV and AT&T, you’re probably wondering how you can combine it with your existing DIRECTV service. Wouldn’t it be nice, you’re thinking, if there were one app that let you use your DIRECTV satellite service and also your DIRECTV NOW streaming service?


There isn’t one app that lets you use both DIRECTV content and DIRECTV NOW content. There probably won’t be one for your phone or tablet, not ever. That’s because if you have DIRECTV satellite service, you already have all the channels and all the on-demand content that DIRECTV NOW offers. That’s right, if you have DIRECTV satellite service then you already have all the same stuff as DIRECTV NOW, available on the app! No need to spend any more money!

Still, I think it would be cool if your streaming box could access the stuff from your DVR. Other providers do this and it’s not impossible. So far it’s not something DIRECTV and AT&T seem to want to do, but they could always change their minds. It would be nice to have a full-function DIRECTV receiver experience in a streaming box, and it would be even better if DIRECTV content were part of the “universal search” experience available on many streaming boxes.

I have a feeling it will happen eventually, because in truth DIRECTV probably makes very little money off hardware. If they could change the whole experience so that it worked on someone else’s hardware without losing control of the compression and encryption part of it, I have a feeling they’d do it. It just isn’t going to happen “this week.”

Bottom line though, if you’re a DIRECTV satellite user, you probably don’t need to worry about DIRECTV NOW so you don’t need to worry about that separate app.

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