Rain Fade problems? Use DIRECTV’s app!

Rain Fade. Two four-letter words that satellite customers hate. For most people rain fade is a very rare occurrence, happening far less than cable outages and much more easily fixed (all you have to do is wait for the sun to come out.) But let’s be honest, it does happen.

When a rainy day threatens your reception, you have a choice! Pre-recorded content on your DVR is still available of course, and you also have another option: The DIRECTV app for phones and tablets. You’ll find over 100 channels of live TV on these apps and even some of your locals (for some markets.) Watch to your heart’s content!

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t much like watching on a phone or tablet, most phones — even iPhones and iPads which rarely support outputting to anything — have adapters that connect them temporarily to a TV. The quality is actually surprisingly good depending on your internet speed.

The DIRECTV app for tablets and phones is available at your favorite app store of course, and it’s free for all DIRECTV subscribers.

Of course, if you want all your local channels in the rain you’ll need to add an antenna to your setup. Over-the-air antenna TV never suffers from rain fade and you’ll get dozens of channels you didn’t even know existed!

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