What receivers can be used without a SWM multiswitch?

DIRECTV SWM technology is awesome, but not everyone is ready to upgrade right away. DIRECTV has said that all of their new equipment will be SWM-only, but there are still plenty of available receivers out there that can work without SWM, meaning that they are a great fit for your existing dish. Here’s a partial list including receivers from the last 10 years that can work without SWM technology. If a receiver is still available, a link has been provided to our product page.

Standard Definition

  • D10 receiver
  • D11 receiver
  • D12 receiver
  • R15 DVR
  • R16 DVR
  • R22 DVR

High Definition

  • H10 receiver*
  • H20 receiver*
  • H21 receiver
  • H23 receiver
  • H24 receiver
  • HR20 DVR
  • HR21 DVR
  • HR22 DVR
  • HR23 DVR
  • HR24 DVR


  • R10 DVR*
  • HR10 DVR*
  • THR22 DVR

*Receivers marked with an asterisk are considered “end of life” and should be replaced with current hardware.

A word about Standard Definition Hardware
DIRECTV will no longer support the use of any standard definition hardware in 2019 and no longer offers it to residential customers except in a case where a new receiver is replacing an old one. Even then, you should think about an HD upgrade sooner than later.

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