Reliable Cellular Reception for RV Owners

RV owners like you rely on your cellphones to keep you connected on the road. Perhaps you think that you can trust certain websites or mobile apps to give you reliable information about the best cell phone service by area. I say, “Not so fast!”

I check out a few of these sites that claim to provide information about mobile phone reception by area. For the most part, these are peer review sites that provide anecdotal information at best. This means that regular folks put the majority of the information there, and few of them are cell phone experts. This often leads to inaccurate information often being passed off as fact on these sites. This can mislead some RV owners who are looking to get the best cell reception wherever they go. Fortunately, Solid Signal has some tips for RV owners who want to stay connected on the road.

My Experience With Cellular Coverage Sites

I logged onto the site and punched in the zip codes of where I live and work, which is Novi, MI. No matter what carrier each users had, they all said that cell reception in my town was poor. I’ve made cell phone calls and sent texts and data from nearly every nook and cranny of this town. I can tell you beyond the shadow of the doubt that I’ve never had a dropped call, dead zone, or missed data. Cell reception in Novi truly can’t suck that badly.

While I was on the site, I also punched in the zip codes of a few places I used to take my fifth wheel. I was expecting the reviews to be horrible based on the fact that those remote areas likely have fewer cell towers than a well-populated city in Metro Detroit. Well, the reviews were all over the place, ranging from five stars to one, depending on the reviewer. Again, the users’ comments didn’t reflect my experiences in those same areas. The entire experience left me more than a bit skeptical of these sites, some of which are little more than a cell coverage map and a few user comments.

Cell Phone Reception in RVs: The Truth

In many cases, poor signal reception in an RV has nothing to do with the number of reliable cell towers in an area. It’s usually do to the RV, itself. Look, your RV is designed to repel cell signals. It’s essentially a Faraday cage. What’s that? Well, a Faraday cage is essentially a metal box that blocks electrical and electromagnetic signals from entering or exiting. When you think about the size, shape, and materials used to make your RV, you can easily see that your rig is pretty much a Faraday cage on wheels. Because of this, it’s common for you to experience dropped and interrupted calls and data.

A cell phone signal booster system helps bypass this “Faraday effect” inside your camper. It works because a cell booster is made up of an outdoor antenna, booster, and an indoor antenna. Here’s how these three components work to improve connectivity in your recreational vehicle:

  • The outdoor antenna accesses voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal, then delivers it to the booster.
  • The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and sends it to the indoor antenna.
  • The indoor antenna broadcasts the signal throughout your recreational vehicle.
  • This process works in reverse each time you make a call or send data.

As long as you have the faintest hint of cellular reception, usually signified by the smallest connectivity bar on your phone, a cell booster can help. Solid Signal carries a variety of cellphone signal boosters from weBoost and WilsonPRO. These devices attach to your RV and enhance your incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and data uploads/downloads. This severely reduces your risk for dropped or missed calls and data. This is a handy device to have when you’re travelling into areas with canyons, deserts, and/or deep woods.

Get a Signal Booster for Your RV

If you’re an RV owner who wants reliable cellphone reception nearly anywhere you go, Solid Signal can help. It all starts with us answering your questions and recommending the best cellular signal booster system for your RV, camper, or motorhome. To get the benefit of our cell booster expertise, simply fill out this form then click “submit.” A member of our team will get back with you in one business day or less.

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