Security Cameras or Surveillance Cameras?

What’s the difference between security cameras and surveillance cameras? The security equipment experts at Solid Signal are here to tell you.

Most people don’t know that there’s a difference between these two types of cameras. It doesn’t help that the same cameras are used in both applications. The difference comes down to how these cameras are used. In other words, words mean things. Surveillance is the act of watching and recording, while security is documenting intrusions, trespassing, and other inappropriate acts. The good news is that Sold Signal carries electronics equipment that lets you do both for your home, business, or property. Let us help you get the security system you need.

Security Equipment and Why You Need It

Fact: There are criminals who are intent on stealing your things and/or doing you harm. You want to keep your family, employees, and belongings safe. This is what makes a security camera so valuable. Video evidence is an infallible witness. It records what happens and lets people view everything for themselves. Many court cases have been settled due to video evidence. With that in mind, here are some of the ways this technology can help you:

  • Someone breaks into your vehicle late at night to steal your stereo system. If you don’t hear them, the thief will get away free as air. Footage from a security camera, however, might help police identify, arrest, and convict the person.
  • There are some criminals who are so bold, they’ll break into your house while you’re at home. You might be able to dial 911 and get the perpetrator to leave, but this person shouldn’t be free to roam the streets. If security cameras capture footage of the criminal, police have a much better chance of identifying and apprehending him or her.
  • If you own a retail business, you’re all too familiar with theft. People leave your store with much more than they bought. If they see cameras inside, that’s usually enough to deter them from stealing. If they’re daring, you’ll capture the footage you need that can lead to a conviction.
  • Employee theft is another problem at retail stores. Savvy business owners place security cameras above cash registers. This helps deter employees from stealing and prosecute those foolish enough to try.
  • Hotel/motel owners put cameras outside their properties and in the hallways and lobbies. In cases of trespassing or criminal wrongdoing, video evidence is the best thing to give to the police.
  • Bars, pubs, and other establishments have cameras within the premises and parking lots. This video footage helps prevent things from getting out of hand. It also helps identify those who lose their cool.
  • From the surveillance side of things, today’s cameras allow bosses to monitor their employees. If someone is sitting down on the job or excessively chatting with coworkers, you’ll catch them in the act. The camera’s audio function also lets you tell them to, “Get back to work!”
  • Your cameras’ surveillance functions might just save your life one day. If you’re working late and are concerned about that dark parking lot, check your surveillance cameras’ feed through your cellphone or tablet.
  • What about when you’re coming home, and something doesn’t feel right? Check the surveillance cameras inside and outside your home before you leave your vehicle. If someone’s lurking around, you’ll have plenty of time to dial 911.

Solid Signal is Your Security Source

Ready to add some security equipment to your business or home? You’re probably wondering which brand and model is best. We didn’t dive into that because the answer depends upon your unique needs. For example, our equipment packages come with two, four, and even eight security cameras. And we carry all the top brands, such as Minigadgets, SecurityTronix, and other top manufacturers. We’re happy to answer questions and make product recommendations. Just call 877-312-4547 or fill out the form below and send it to us. We’ll be in touch!

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