Should you choose professional installation for your cell booster?

This week we’ve been talking about the new Office boosters from weBoost. They’re the “missing link” between the home-centric boosters at the lower end of the weBoost line and the super-powered WilsonPRO boosters at the top end. For many businesses today, they’re the perfect choice.

The weBoost Office 100 is designed for self-installation. However, there are two versions of the more-powerful Office 200. The self-install model comes with one antenna. The version for pro installation comes with two. The weBoost Installed | Office 200 also comes with standard installation service, complimentary. This is the ultimate choice for offices. Just bring an expert in and let them do the rest.

One antenna vs. two

Whether you have one antenna or two, the booster system is going to put out the same amount of power. The difference is that two antennas allow you to tailor your coverage. Most offices aren’t big circles. They’re rectangles. The coverage area of an antenna is round. So, even though you’ll get less power out of each of the two antennas, you might be able to cover the space better. Here’s definitely a case where a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can see that depending on the shape of the space you want to cover, two weaker antennas definitely covers better than one strong antenna. There are other reasons for using that second antennas as well, such as dealing with dead spots due to a lot of plumbing or metal in the walls.

Look folks it’s gross but a lot of people use their phones in the bathroom. And yet due to all the metal pipes and the tile you’ll find there, cell signals can be pretty weak. Putting a separate antenna where signal is worst helps with that problem.

Can’t you just add the second antenna yourself?

You absolutely can buy a cellular antenna from and install it any way you wish. However, you’ll be guessing where the problem is. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. The professional installation service you get from Solid Signal means no guessing, only results. A technician will measure cell signal and develop a plan for your office that makes the most of the booster you’ve chosen. With the right information in hand, you’ll get the best possible outcome.

Who should choose professional installation?

Here’s the first thing you should do. Walk around the office and run your favorite speed test app while disconnected from company Wi-Fi. You’ll probably notice that speeds are pretty bad in some areas and better in others.

If your speeds vary wildly, that’s a sign you’ll want a pro in there to figure out the best place to put those antennas. On the other hand, if your speed tests are pretty consistently bad, or if you consistently drop service everywhere in the office, that’s probably a sign that a self-install will work out for you.

Of course you can always choose professional installation to make it easy for yourself and less invasive for your office. A professional installer will work with you to make sure everything is done right. Face it, there are some things you just want to leave to the pros, right?

Need more help deciding?

If you’re not sure which weBoost cell phone signal booster you need for your business, why not ask the experts? Help is available now at 888-233-7563! Call us during East Coast business hours and we’ll help you decide how to bring crystal clear voice calls and fast data to your business today!

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