Still need a Spaun Multiswitch in 2021?

Friends, I apologize for the “clickbait” headline. Spaun is out of business and there has been no stock on Spaun products in the US for over a year. For a long time, Solid Signal was the last place you could get one. Now, they’re all gone. But their influence remains… you found this article because despite all odds, you’re still looking for one.

Who were Spaun and why were they so popular?

Spaun was a manufacturer of satellite accessories, mostly for the European market. Starting in the mid-’00s, they got a reputation for being reliable, hearty boxed that just worked, even in the harshest environments. That alone was enough to make them attractive to oil rig and marine customers, who shop at Solid Signal.

Spaun’s big benefit was that they sold cascadable multiswitches. A cascadable multiswitch is one where you can hook one multiswitch to another, rather than using taps which is the common standard. It simplified wiring just enough that professionals liked to use them.

Spaun multiswitches were also popular because for the most part they didn’t care what you hooked up to them. They just worked. In the US, DIRECTV and DISH went their separate ways with their multiswitch products, but when it came to simple, standard definition operations, the Spaun products worked with both. This was very attractive to people who used both services, such as large commercial headends.

Alas, the company fell prey to a shrinking market for large satellite installs and a move from US satellite companies to proprietary equipment. They stopped all operations worldwide in June, 2020 after years of discontinuing popular products.

What can you do if you still have Spaun equipment?

This is an opportunity, not a problem. If you’re still using Spaun products, chances are your installation is over a decade old and it’s time to talk strategy.

The best thing for you to do is look at rewiring your system in a way that makes sense. If you’re US-based, you can use DIRECTV or DISH commercial equipment to provide HD and 4K service reliably. While it’s not a one-for-one replacement, the current crop of commercial products can usually be put in place of the Spaun products as part of an overall rewiring scheme. It’s probably long overdue for you to check your cables and rewire as necessary.

The big benefit here is that you’ll be futureproofing yourself. By using taps and modern wiring methods, you’ll easily be able to swap in new, carrier-approved products when needed. You’ll also be ready for the next generation of services, whatever that ends up being.

If you’re based outside the US, you still have options. Solid Signal is one of the few companies in the world to carry the Televes line of multiswitches. These powered, cascadable multiswitches have always competed against Spaun and they are still in production. They’re great, solid products designed for global satellite use.

What’s the next step?

You’re not alone here. You don’t have to do any of this by yourself. Why not take advantage of the decades of expertise from our Signal Connect team? It starts with a call to 888-233-7563. From there you’ll connect with an engineer or technician who can recommend the best upgrade option for you. This isn’t an overseas call center. This is the tech center in our corporate offices in Novi, MI. When you connect with us, you’re connecting with someone you can talk to over and over, when you need them. We pride ourselves on white glove service.

Give Signal Connect a call at 888-233-7563 or fill our the form below. You’ll be on your way to putting Spaun in your rear view mirror. They were a great company in their day, but sadly that day is over. It’s time to modernize, and Signal Connect can help.

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