The best tech you’re not using

Quick, what’s your most prized possession? OK, I know you’re tempted to look at your wedding ring, or a signed baseball from Mariano Rivera. Maybe you’re thinking of a souvenir from that day you spent with your grandparent many years ago. Those are all great, sentimental choices. Only I have to disagree with you.

Maybe it would help if I asked the question a different way. What’s the one thing you worry about losing more than anything else? What’s the one thing you touch more often than your keys or wallet, and what’s the one thing that you’ll turn the car around to go home and get?

Now you’re probably thinking it’s this:

And if you are, you’re not alone. We may gain and lose affection for a particular phone but our addiction to our phones is legendary. As a culture we’re obsessed with them. We can’t keep away from them. We use them to buy our food, track our children, monitor our houses. Every single one of us uses them to find out what’s important in the world and what’s important to our friends. We can’t live without them.

So what if I told you…

What if I told you there was a device that would make your phone work better. Not only that, if you put one in your home everyone’s phone would work better. What if this device could last a decade and work with the next phone (and the next and the next)? What if it only cost about half the price of a single cell phone and worked with all cell phones, wirelessly?

That sounds awesome right? There actually is such a thing. It’s called a cell booster.

Forget what you think you know.

Maybe you’ve never heard of this tech before. Maybe you think cell boosters don’t work, and you might use words like “total crock.” Maybe you heard of someone who put something like this in and it didn’t work for them. There are as many stories as there are cell phone users. Most of them are just made up.

Cheap stickers you put on your phone don’t work and they are a waste of money. This isn’t just a simple amplifier. This is a real system and if you install it the way they tell you to, it works. Just put the outside antenna up nice and high, put the inside antenna in the middle of the area you want to cover. There isn’t much more to it than that. Do that and the system handles the rest.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

The best estimate is that over 90% of people suffer from bad cell service at some point or other yet only about 3% of people have a cell booster. Are you one of the other 87%? Why?

I think this really is the best tech you’re not using. I think that if you look at the cost over the years and years you’ll have it, it’s nothing. It’s about what you spend on a single day at a theme park for the family. With that little amount of money, everyone gets a great benefit every day.

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