TIP: Replacing the router? Keep the information the same

Replacing this old beast? Well, it’s about time. There’s been a lot of changes in router technology since this old router was popular. Security has been upgraded several times. Speeds have gotten faster. If you’re still rocking an old router, you should absolutely jump in.

Do you “need” to use the cable company’s router?

In most cases, the cable company will let you buy your own equipment. Sometimes they will force you to use their cable modem, if it’s non-standard. But even in those cases it’s possible to upgrade your systems with a router or access point solution that does what you need.

Upgrading will let you get better speeds and better coverage. In many cases it’s as easy as just connecting the new router to the modem’s ethernet port.

Staying on the sidelines?

If you’ve been staying on the sidelines because you’re worried about having to set up all your devices again, here’s a simple tip.

Just give the new router the same network name and passphrase as the old one. If your current wireless network is called “Joe’s House” then call the new network that too. If the current password is “Fid0x32ynot” then make that the new password too. It’s best to unplug the old router while setting up the new one so that your stuff doesn’t get confused, but once everything’s up and running all your devices will just find the new network automatically. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Many routers and access points will let you create multiple networks. This will let you keep your old equipment set up with the old Wi-Fi password and create a new network with an even more secure passphrase for new uses. Eventually the last of your older devices will fall off the old network and you’ll be able to turn that off.

A new router will also usually let you set up a guest network which lets your friends log in easily but won’t let them see any of the other devices on your network. You might not be getting a lot of visitors today, but you will again, and it’s time to think about it.

An upgrade you definitely should make

If you’re still using the old WEP encryption scheme, OK, you’re going to want to create a new password or passphrase. If you use the same passphrase but choose WPA3 encryption, some devices will be smart enough to figure that out but most won’t. But hopefully you’ve moved off the old WEP standard a long time ago, considering it provides pretty much no security at all and can be hacked in under five minutes.

So why not treat yourself to a new router now from Solid Signal? Turns out setting it up won’t be as hard as you thought. We have routers for the most simple and economy-minded folks. Some of our routers are tough enough to handle the most complex corporate setups. We also have access points which can be used to add additional wireless capacity to your home. There is a huge variety of them depending on what you need.

Have questions? Call the experts at Solid Signal at 877-312-4547. If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below.We’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

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