TIP: Watch two programs at the same time on a Genie Mini Client

Imagine if you could settle in for a night of TV viewing and watch two programs at the same time. Imagine if you could do this from any room with a Genie Mini Client. It’s not only possible, it’s been there all the time.

It’s called DoublePlay and it’s standard on all DIRECTV HD DVRs. The biggest surprise for many people is that it works on the clients, too. All you do is press the down arrow twice to start, and then you can switch back and forth between two programs just be pressing the down arrow. If you pause before you do, the program stays just where you left it.

With the sheer volume of commercials, it’s pretty easy to watch two one-hour programs in just over one hour by zapping through commercials and shifting from one to the other. It will make your spouse happy if he or she can watch the program they want, and you can watch the program you want too!

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