Tired of seeing duplicate channels on your DIRECTV Guide? Hide them!

When you get your DIRECTV receiver set up, you will sometimes see the same channel in the guide up to four times. Four times? There’s the HD version, the SD version, and if you have an antenna hooked up you might also see the HD and SD versions of the antenna feed. It can get a little confusing and frustrating.

You can make a favorites list to hide channels you don’t want, but that still leaves duplicates of channels you do want to see. Luckily it’s easy to get rid of those too.

Press {MENU} then arrow to Settings&Help, Settings, Display, Preferences. You’ll see the screen shown above. You see that item that says “Guide Channels” — arrow down so it’s highlighted and you have three choices:

Show all channels: Just what it says. You get every duplicate channel.

Hide SD duplicates: This is pretty much what you want most of the time. If there is an HD version and an SD version, the SD version doesn’t show up.

Hide HD channels: This will show only the standard definition feeds. That’s sort of weird, I’ll give you that, but I suppose there was someone in a committee somewhere that thought it was necessary.

Basically, if you set this to “Hide SD Duplicates” you’ll almost always get what you want. If there is an HD version of a channel, you’ll see it. If there isn’t, you’ll see the SD version. Simple as that.

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Stuart Sweet
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