Top 5 smart uses for the AirTV streamer

You’ve heard me talk about this box. I call it the “AirTV (black)” as opposed to the AirTV Player. I go into detail in another article about the differences, so I’ll just touch on them here. The black one streams your local channels to anywhere. The white one is an all-in-one solution for one TV. No, I don’t know why they both have the same name. I also don’t know why all Ford SUV’s begin with the letter E. (That has always seemed like some sort of weird Sesame Street conspiracy, but I digress.)

One thing I like about the AirTV (black) is that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Put it in place and it does its work so well that you don’t even really think about it. It’s just kind of there and the magic it performs just seems to happen.

So what can you do with the AirTV device?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve been asking users, and here are five of the best answers I’ve gotten.

Early to bed thanks to AirTV

I happen to know a bicoastal fellow. He maintains an apartment outside of Washington, DC, because his business requires it. However, most of the time you can find him in Northern California telecommuting and living the clean life. He’s a true cord-cutter with not even a streaming service to his name. He writes,

AirTV lets me watch my shows when I want to watch them. The box sits in my apartment in DC which means when I’m in Modesto I can watch primetime at 5, network news at 8, and be done with late night by 9:30. That’s perfect for me, since I love to get to sleep early and watch the sun rise.

The mostly displaced fan

Another great AirTV success story comes from a repair technician. This fellow is one of the four people in the country who repair complex printing equipment. He’s rarely on home territory but loves football. Rather than spend over $300 for an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, he made a one-time buy of an AirTV streamer. He says,

Geaux Bux! I wish I could spend the whole winter in Tampa but that’s not how it goes. I am all over the country. One week I was in Hawaii one day and Nova Scotia two days later. Sure I’d love to be home for Sunday but it doesn’t always happen. I watch my NFL games no matter where I am, even on the plane. Sometimes if I’m called to a customer site on a weekend I just leave the game on in the background. It makes the day go by faster.

The kids dig Andy Griffith

I was surprised at this one. A local mom told me that her kids are really into The Andy Griffith Show. I don’t know what part of Mayberry really appeals to them but apparently they just get into it. With AirTV she’s got them covered:

What a lifesaver! A local channel airs Andy 6 times a day. Only, the cable company doesn’t carry the channel! With this little box my kids can watch whenever it’s on using their iPads. Keeps them quiet and happy even in the car!

Family values

One AirTV user told me that she doesn’t care much for today’s TV and that it doesn’t reflect her family’s values. However, she found a channel operated by a local church with seven — count ’em, seven — subchannels of entertainment that’s all certified family-friendly. It’s all she watches and she wrote:

Don’t want to miss my shows. Sometimes I just have to sit down and get a dose of happiness and clarity. That’s why the church gives me. I use that black box to put it on my phone and I can watch for a few minutes and all is right again with the world.


Apparently some local markets put QVC on subchannels. I found out from one reader who told me:

Yeah I’m a guy who likes to shop. Shoot me. The web site is great but I like watching the live feed. Super easy even when I’m on the go and I don’t need to put a cable box in every room. I put in cheap smart TVs and it’s the only channel I ever watch in there.

Moral of the story

I guess if you look at it, there are as many ways to use the AirTV as there are people who use it. What’s your story? Let us know!


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