Top 10 questions answered about Solid Signal

We get it, the internet is a scary place. You’ve heard rumors about other internet retailers and maybe you’ve even been burned. So naturally you’re a little careful when it comes to ordering online. Here are ten questions that we’ve received from customers just like you who ended up buying from Solid Signal.

Is all your equipment new?

We don’t sell used equipment like some eBay sellers. You won’t find old stuff on our site. We have dealer relationships with some of the top manufacturers and then we sell directly to you. Some satellite receivers are remanufactured because that’s the only way they’re sold.

If I get a satellite receiver from you, do I own it?

Unfortunately no. We offer satellite receivers and DVRs using the same lease terms as DIRECTV or DISH. It’s almost impossible for a regular customer to get owned equipment due to their strict policies.

Will my new satellite equipment show up on my regular bill?

If there is a mirroring fee, it will show up just as if you had gotten the equipment straight from DIRECTV or DISH. We work with their systems to make sure everything is perfect on your account.

Does it matter if I buy through eBay, Amazon, or straight through your web site?

It doesn’t matter at all as long as you buy from Solid Signal. Either way, look for something sold by Solid Signal.  We just offer our products through those other sites because some people feel more comfortable working with a large retailer.

What are your return policies?

They are spelled out here. We can’t accept returns on activated satellite receivers because DIRECTV and DISH won’t let us.

What if I don’t see what I want on your site, but I see you have other things from the same company?

Please call us at 877.312.4547! Some of our most popular products have come to us because of customer suggestions. If we can get it from the manufacturer, we will!

Where are your offices located?

We are a 100% American company with all of our employees working in the good old U.S. of A. We have technical staff all over the country but our main warehouse and primary call center is in Novi, Michigan.

Will you ship overseas?

In most cases no, but please call us if there are any questions on that.

Do you carry satellite equipment for other countries?

We carry satellite equipment that is legal for sale in the US. If a manufacturer (Like Sky Mexico) hasn’t gone through the process to certify a product in the US, we can’t offer it.

Can I change my order after I’ve made it?

Absolutely. The best thing to do is call us at 877-312-4547, we can literally go back into the warehouse and handle things right away.

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