Top things to do with your gotW3 once you’re back to work

In a season where there has been so much loss, there have been few winners. Yes, a lot of folks lost jobs. Hopefully most will regain them. Many people got sick, and many passed away. But that’s not the focus of this article (or this blog.)

The winners

If there was one company that won the spring of 2020, I think we’d have to say it was Zoom. This was the company you’d never heard of last Christmas and it turned into the only way you connected with anyone by Memorial Day. But at Solid Signal, we don’t sell Zoom. We do sell a lot of other stuff that makes Zoom better, though.

One of those things is gotW3. The gotW3 device takes cell signals and turns them into Wi-Fi and wired internet. It does so at a reasonable price with a reasonable monthly charge. Think of it as a hotspot on steroids.

Many of our customers have told us that gotW3 has made it possible to work from their homes, from their boats, and from their RVs. This has kept them productive and kept their workplaces humming.

But now we’re back to the office…

More and more of us have returned to the office. It may not be the office we remember, and it’s pretty likely the furniture has been rearranged to accommodate the changes in the world. But we’re coming back, slowly but surely. This leaves you with a big question: What should you do with your gotW3?

Here are some suggestions.

1. Use it in the warehouse

Admit it, there have to be parts of your office that get bad Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi at all. There’s always been that area that doesn’t have internet because it would be a long cable run. It’s fine for people to use their phones, but if you want access to the internet on a computer, you’ll want to put that gotW3 in to make it possible.

2. Make social distancing easier… for now

If you’ve rearranged your whole office to give everyone six feet of space, chances are you’ve pushed some folks into corners of the office they didn’t expect to be in. Those corners may not have Wi-Fi, and they may not even have wired networking. Sure you could run a long Ethernet cable across the floor or ceiling, but you’re not going to poke through walls to install cable. After all, this thing is going to be over eventually, right?

Adding gotW3 will let those workers keep productive without your having to make big changes that you won’t need in a few months.

3. Put the boss (or someone else) on their own private network

Do you need confidentiality? Using gotW3 for your own stuff keeps people from accessing shared resources. You can use a VPN to connect to other shared resources if you need to.

There’s something even more important and that’s stopping the spread of malware. If you have one employee who just can’t help but visit those sketchy sites, put them on their own gotW3 network so they can’t pollute yours.

4. Turn off the service for now but keep the device

The nice thing about gotW3 is that it’s month-to-month. Call us at 866-726-4182 and we’ll suspend the service for you. You can pick it up again if you need gotW3 for a vacation, or if (heaven forbid) we all have to go into quarantine again. This is a great investment for an uncertain future, and the future is nothing if not uncertain.


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