The Ultimate Guide to DIRECTV 4K

DIRECTV 4K is here! If you’re just getting started, you’ll appreciate this guide to some of the most helpful articles about DIRECTV’s new 4K service. We’ll be updating this guide as more information becomes available!

About the dish you’ll need

DIRECTV using RDBS? What does it mean?
What is Reverse DBS (RDBS)?
Will you need a new LNB for DIRECTV’s 4K broadcasts in April 2016?
Ultra HD 4K Reverse Band 3 LNB now available at Solid Signal!
EXCLUSIVE: DIRECTV shows 5D2 Reverse Band 4K LNB
How can you align the new Reverse Band 3 LNB?

About the receivers you’ll need

Solid Signal’s HANDS ON Review: HS17 Genie 2
Solid Signal’s HANDS ON Review: HR54 Genie DVR 
Solid Signal’s HANDS ON REVIEW: DIRECTV C61K 4K Genie Mini Client
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: DIRECTV no longer activating HR44s for 4K
Does the HR54 Genie DVR need to be connected to a TV?
COULD IT BE: DIRECTV’s latest DVR doesn’t output 4k?
NICE AND EASY: Do you need a special HDMI cable for 4K?

About DIRECTV 4K-Ready TVs

Got a new DIRECTV-ready 4K TV? Run coax to it. Really.
The most current list of 4K DIRECTV-Ready TVs (for now) 

About DIRECTV 4K programming

DIRECTV Announces first ever Live 4K broadcast
DIRECTV announces 4K channel lineup
YES YOU CAN: Record 4K programming on DIRECTV
Which is better, Netflix 4K or DIRECTV 4K?
How can you find 4K programs on DIRECTV?

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