What makes weBoost’s Office boosters so special?

By now you’ve probably heard of the new Office line of cell boosters from weBoost. The Office 100 and Office 200 give the best possible results for small-to-medium sized offices and warehouses up to 20,000 square feet. The price is right, too: you can install a pro-grade cellular signal booster for less than you probably pay for one month of heating and air conditioning. But why should you pay even that much if you can get a cell booster for a lot less money? Let’s take a look at the fact.

Full functionality

Most home boosters top out at about 8-12 simultaneous connections. This is especially true of lower priced units. That’s fine for home, but in a large space, you could have a lot more people trying to connect. Why block any of them out?

With both the Office 100 and Office 200 lines, you can support virtually unlimited devices. The real maximum number will depend on the cell service outside the building, but in general there’s no need to worry about anyone being unable to connect.

This extra function is built into these high level boosters, and it’s all part of the weBoost experience. To put it simply, you get great cell service that you don’t have to worry about.

High quality cable

Both the Office 100 and Office 200 can use high-quality 50-ohm cable. This means the best possible result because you’re not losing a lot of that signal through the cable. The 50-ohm cable which comes with the devices is specifically designed for the cellular frequencies in use. It’s shielded to stop interference and it’s built to work for years even in tough conditions.

You can choose a version of the Office 200 that uses 75-ohm cable like the sort used by cable companies as well if you want. That booster kit comes with the highest-quality RG11 cable for minimal loss, or you can use existing in-wall cable for an easier installation.

Output power

Most cell boosters advertise their amplification. That’s important, to be sure, but it’s only part of the story. Where a lot of less expensive, off-brand booster fall short is in the output power. You’re amplifying the signal, to be sure, and that’s a big part of it. All the weBoost Office boosters feature 72dB of gain from the amplifier. That’s the maximum allowable by law.

However, the Office series takes it further. weBoost worked with the FCC for a waiver to offer best-in-class uplink and downlink power. This means you’ll be able to reach more distant cell sites and reach further inside the building. Other companies offer uplink power below 20dBm to reach the cell tower and downlink power below 8dBm to reach the phones. weBoost ups the ante with 25dBm of uplink power and 15dBm of downlink power in the Office 200. The Office 100 has 24dBm of uplink power and 12dBm of downlink power.

That may not seem like much of a difference but it’s huge. Every 3dBm you add doubles the effective power, so the Office 200 has 4 times the downlink power of the typical booster. That translates to a much larger coverage area.

The amazing 314407 indoor antenna

This antenna is part of what makes the Office 200 worth the extra money. It’s a low-profile, high-power antenna designed specifically for offices. It works well in suspended ceilings and practically disappears in an office install. And yet, it provides maximum coverage for professional buildings with an install that’s easy to do.

The secret is the unique construction. Instead of putting all the electronics in the center of the antenna, a lot of it is built into the upper portion of the antenna. That part is safely hidden from view up in the ceiling. The only part that’s seen is the very thin radiator portion of the antenna. That part sits on the visible side of the ceiling.

Installation is easy too… just make the hole and screw it down finger tight. Even if you’ve already wired you can slide the nut in place because the folks at weBoost thought to build a notch to pass the cable through.

Get your weBoost business-class cell phone booster today

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