What You Should Know About Writing a Streaming App

Cable subscription is being replaced by online streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu, where the viewers enjoy online content directly from the source. The digital savvy consumers are looking to services and media that allow them to access content without the need to transfer to and from their media devices. Market trends have indicated that consumers prefer accessing legal content through streaming over downloading content that is otherwise illegal. The aim of this article is to highlight some of the rules that app developers should know when writing a streaming app. Special features, speed and easy access of video content are the major attributes that users look for when choosing a streaming app.

 The quality and bandwidth

“Writing a streaming app requires videos with no latencies since viewers prefer high speed and high resolution when viewing their video content,” says Michael Peterson, Content Marketing Director at Master Thesis Paper Writing Service. The internet connection should be fast regardless of the type of media being used. Depending on the resolution of the video, speed can vary from 2 megabits per second to more, especially since the higher the resolution the faster the speed. The users should comply with the requirements of the bandwidth in order to play videos without latency. When writing the app, it is therefore critical to consider the resolution where standard definition videos require moderate speed while the high definition videos will flawlessly stream at higher speeds.


Codecs assist the developer in compressing large data into the server to ensure that the users are capable of accessing it faster. They are a set of algorithms which allow the developers to compress signals for transmission and decompress huge files of data for viewing and editing over the internet. Since there are numerous codecs in the internet, it is important for the developer to analyze which ones will play the files and enable the user to receive the data stream. The server should be able to hold the large data especially since streaming sends a lot of information to and from the user hence requires codecs.


Streaming app features are a requirement

Users need features that assist them to manage the streaming content and manage their sessions. Some of the features include registration and personal accounts which are necessary, but a streaming app should provide a one of a kind service. User experiences can be augmented using features such as a 360o video or virtual reality which set an app apart from the others. Additionally, it is crucial to include features such as filters, where the user can sort content based on their preferences. The home section should also include a section of the favorite content or the recommended one based on their viewership to ensure that the users have great experience. “A one-click sharing option is also recommended especially since users have become more connected through social media hence they may want to share content that they may be excited about with other users,” notes Joe Weaver, Senior Content Creator at ConfidentWriters.

Platform, registration and profile

 The platform includes the operating system which is either Android or IOS for a mobile streaming app. The popularity of movie streaming apps on media such as tablets and phones has necessitated the developers to create hybrid apps that work on both phones and computers. However, such an app requires codes that are written in JavaScript or CSS hence unlimited resources are a necessity. Registration via numerous social media sites gives an app an edge over its competitors, especially if the users are to sign up using existing profiles. Registration should also include registration in another way with a password recovery option. Allowing the users to create their profiles personalizes their experience and enables them to engage with the streaming app. Personal information should include but not be limited to: profile pictures, date of birth, preference in payment method and the active subscriptions.

 The article exhaustively assesses some of the requirements of writing a streaming app with emphasis being placed on the relevance to the user. An app should provide value to the users by enabling them to perform actions that make their lives easier. Streaming apps should be user friendly and should connect various users using social media platforms to enable them to share their streaming experiences. Good quality content that is delivered at fast speeds is the epitome of any content delivery in the digital market.

Paul Bates is a Digital Marketer and Software consultant at SwiftPapers. He is also in charge of content creation at Dedicatedwriters.com and Paperadepts.com.