What’s stopping you from cutting the cord?

Is it just good old fashioned fear of the unknown?

Take a look at your cable bill. Is it over $100? If you’re more than two years into your relationship with your cable company, chances are that it is. They love to sucker you in with their promotional rates but then the next thing you know you’re paying $150 or more for channels that you don’t watch. You’ve thought about cutting the cord but you won’t do it. Why is that? Let’s look at some of the most common objections.

I won’t get my favorite shows.

90% of the top-rated shows are on local, over-the-air, free TV. You could be watching for free!

I won’t be able to record.

Solid Signal has a wide variety of DVRs from several manufacturers, some with no monthly fee. Record off-the-air programs just like you could with a cable DVR. Not only that, but online services like Netflix and Hulu are much less expensive than cable. With services like that you don’t need a DVR. My favorite option is the AirTV player which not only lets you record shows using a hard drive you supply, and also lets you stream using your favorite apps.

I’ll miss my cable shows.

There are a lot of options here. You can add a Sling or AT&T Watch subscription for just a few dollars a month. Both services have a basic tier that offers the most popular cable channels through a streaming box.

If you don’t want to pay for monthly streaming, most of the top cable shows are available from iTunes and Amazon for a lot less than you’re paying for cable. It may seem weird to pay $2 for a TV show but that’s only $40 for a whole season, a lot less than you’re paying now.

I don’t think I’ll get good reception in my area.

How sure are you of that? Our antenna recommendation service will help pair you with the right antenna for you… and it’s free!

My HOA won’t let me put up an antenna.

If you can get reception on an antenna located in your private area, on your roof or in your courtyard, and you can do it with an antenna 39″ or smaller, they can’t stop you. It’s called the OTARD rule and it can’t be overruled by your HOA.

I just don’t watch live television.

I hear this objection all the time from millennials and Gen-Y. Let me be clear, I do believe you. I believe you think that. But I stopped counting the number of times that millennial friends wanted to “borrow” an antenna from me or come over to my house to watch a live event like an awards show or sporting event. You may not think that you watch live TV and you may not think you need an antenna. Maybe you don’t watch live TV every day. But keep in mind that an antenna doesn’t carry a monthly charge and it’s always there when you need it.

Cut the cord today!

See? There are all sorts of great reasons to cut the cord and all those objections? They’re just fading away, like the sour memory of dealing with the cable company. It all starts with a visit to Solid Signal.

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