What’s the best cell booster for a delivery van?

The world today depends on delivery drivers more than ever. It’s literally a lifeline for millions of people. Getting things delivered is important. If you’re like most business owners with a delivery van, you’re tired of being asked the same question:

Where’s my stuff?

It’s getting more and more common for delivery vans to have GPS trackers on them. You’ve seen them from the big web sites, and you’ve seen them on small food delivery trucks. GPS trackers are great but they do rely on the cellular network to report back to base. That’s all well and good unless your delivery van goes somewhere with bad cell service.

Cellular service is pretty good in a large part of the country, but there are still areas where it’s spotty. GPS trackers are often put in places with a lot of interference and wiring and this means they don’t necessarily work as well as cell phones.

What’s going on?

This is another question that business owners ask their delivery drivers. Maybe a generation ago you might have used walkie-talkies or those awful Nextel chirpy things, but the cell phone is now the preferred way to communicate. (Of course, all your drivers are using approved hands-free devices, that goes without saying.)

When you need to know the facts, there’s no room for dropped calls or poor quality. Business run on good information. Even if your drivers are in an area with good service, the construction of your delivery vehicle might block a lot of signal. Delivery trucks and vans are generally made of thicker metal than regular cars. They don’t have as many windows. So, cell signals just can’t penetrate.

You need a cell booster.

A cell booster takes a weak cell signal and amplifies it so that there’s a strong signal inside the cab. An outdoor antenna does all the communication with the world, while an indoor antenna communicates wirelessly with your phone or GPS tracker. The whole thing is instant and the only thing you’ll notice is a clearer call and better location tracking.

Cell boosters work with all carriers and all data plans. They’re 100% approved and designed to work with the cell system, not against it. They are secure and tough enough for commercial work. That is, if you choose the right one.

This is the right one.

This is weBoost’s Drive Reach cell booster. This one is designed for smaller trucks. There’s also a version for OTR fleets which works better for that sort of vehicle. It mounts to your vehicle in a semi-permanent installation. It can be installed with Velcro so it comes off when needed, or can be bolted to the vehicle permanently.

The Drive Reach provides amplification of up to 10,000 times for weak cell signals. It’s secure and the boost doesn’t go outside the vehicle. It is easy to install and doesn’t need any tweaking or changes once it’s installed.

Best of all, this is a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment that should last several years even in a rough vehicular environment.

Get yours now, or get more advice

Our marketing team put together this video to try to explain the need for cell boosters for commercial vehicles. It’s pretty short:

If you’re ready for a cell booster for your delivery truck or van, shop the great selection at Solid Signal or call the experts at 866-726-4182! If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below and our staff will get back to you!

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