What’s the best way to secure an antenna on your patio?

Do yourself a favor… sack the sandbags and step up to something serious. If you’re an apartment dweller with an outdoor antenna, you’ve probably been trying everything to keep that antenna stationary. Maybe you tried strapping it to a railing and you couldn’t aim it right. So, you bought a tripod and mast combo, but quickly realized that it was top heavy when it blew over during the first storm.

Keeping your dish from moving in wind

So, maybe you tried bricks or blocks, but you settled on sandbags. Look, I don’t blame you, they’re cheap. Dirt cheap, pardon the pun. I’ve done it myself for temporary installations… I find one large sandbag at each foot does a pretty good job. But, you know, it’s ugly.

Maybe you entertained options of setting the mast in some concrete in a flowerpot or what have you. Look, that’s not a bad way to go, as long as the apartment people don’t complain. Concrete is heavy and it just sits there in the same place weakening the boards underneath it. No, there has to be a better way.

There is a better way

Obviously I tipped my hand with the image at the top of this article. Our non-penetrating mount is the perfect choice for apartment dwellers. We tend to advertise it for flat roofs, but it works just as well for patios. Put it down and put a few cinder blocks on top and you’ll have a great, stable mount for your antenna that won’t violate any apartment complex rules and shouldn’t do any damage to anything. If it does, chances are that your patio wasn’t safe to begin with.

The best part of this mount is that it’s inexpensive, moves easily when you want to, and is easy to assemble and disassemble when you’re going to a new apartment. It’s not going to raise eyebrows or break backs like a flowerpot full of concrete will, and nothing is going to grow out of it like it would with a sandbag let out for too long. It really is the perfect option.

Oh, just one more thing: It’s also available in a version designed for larger satellite dishes in case your apartment complex hasn’t moved to that new system where one dish feeds the whole building. The larger version fits most antennas as well, but not all antennas, so buy the version you need.

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