Which mobile cell booster do you need?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Your cell phone is your most prized possession. You may think it’s an heirloom or piece of jewelry, but think about how nervous you get when there’s no cell service. Think about the panic that sets in when you think you’ve left the phone somewhere. I mean, in all of recorded history, no one has ever come up with a “Find my jewelry” app and yet it was one of the first major apps to land on smart phones (back when we called them that.)

You need cell service and you shouldn’t be without it. Not at home, and not while you’re on the road.

Mobile boosters solve the problem

Your cell service can be pretty bad when you’re in the car. UV-coated glass and metal body parts do a great job of shielding you from cellular signals. Cell service suffers, and let’s be honest, most of us got our first phones so we could have them in the car in case of emergency.

It doesn’t help of course that we keep our phones in our pocket (blocking more signals) or down in the center of the car when they’re charging (yep, even more blockages.)

When traffic backs up, you need to know where to go. And you might have to call a friend or loved one to tell them you’ll be late. A mobile booster not only strengthens the signal but it gives you more of a chance to get your phone’s signal to a distant cell tower. If towers are getting crowded and overloaded, your signal stands out in the pack.

Have I convinced you? Take a look at your options.

Cradle boosters

This is weBoost’s Sleek 4G. It’s a cellular booster solution designed for one user. Your phone clamps into a cradle and that cradle pumps the cell signal right toward your phone’s antennas. It’s designed for a temporary install but it can be put in permanently if you want.

You’d want this booster if…

If you’re alone in the car almost all the time, this is going to give the best results to one phone. It won’t do anything for your passengers. If you take the phone out of its cradle, the booster stops working. While it’s an inexpensive solution, it’s also really just intended for a single person.

Multi-user boosters

This is weBoost’s Drive 4G-X. Its designed to be installed permanently in the vehicle and it will give everyone inside great cell service. It provides the maximum power legally available for cell boosters. It comes in three flavors. The base unit is the same for each, but the antennas are different for different needs.

Drive 4G-X

The Drive 4G-X, which is the one in the picture above, is designed for a car or SUV. It uses a low-profile antenna for outdoors and a very unobtrusive antenna for indoors.

Drive 4G-X OTR

The Drive 4G-X OTR is designed for long haul trucks or RVs. It uses a larger antenna both indoors and outdoors to try to get the best possible service. Mounting that outdoor antenna as high up on the vehicle as possible is going to give you really stellar results.

Drive 4G-X Fleet

The Drive 4G-X Fleet is the booster designed for first responders.  Using more compact antennas lets it get maximum power while taking up less room on a crowded vehicle roof. The low-profile indoor panel antenna bathes your truck with great signal while not intruding on your interior space.

Which one is best for you?

If you drive solo most of the time, or if your car is leased, you may want to stay with the Sleek 4G. It’s easy to install and uninstall. On the other hand, for every other situation, I would go with a whole-vehicle booster like some variant of the Drive 4G-X. It’s going to be the best solution for you and everyone you travel with.

If you’re still confused about which booster to buy, give us a call at Solid Signal, at 877.312.4547. The answers you need are just a moment away!

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