Why does my printer keep going offline? [7 Quick-Fixes to Solve Your Problem]

Printers are important for every home and commercial place. Either you need to submit a project or to print out documents you’ll require a smart printer. You may have a wireless printer and it’s going offline frequently. The problem is either with your printer, with your ethernet cable or with your router.

In any case, being stuck at work will never help you out. Calling for a professional will only shell out lots of money. Simply by adding some DIY tips and tricks, you can get rid of this mess. This guide below on Solving the issue of printers going offline will help you out to quickly fix it up. Simply scroll down below and get to know more!

Solution 1: Not working at all? Check for Reinstallation

This may happen because your printer firmware is not working properly. You can simply fix this up if you go for a reset or reinstallation of your product. The procedure for doing this for both windows and Mac is different. Here are some steps that you can follow.

For Windows 10:

  • Go to your Run box by pressing Windows key along with R key as available. You can now go to the device manager. Type down “devmgmt.msc”
  • Wait for all system files to load up and now look for your printer. Once you find this option. Tap on it and then click on uninstall. Allow all permissions for it to uninstall.
  • Once done, go back to devices and printers. You will now be able to add a new printer. Tap on this and then add the driver again. This should allow your printer to work again.

For Mac:

  • Click on the apple icon and then look for system preferences. You will find all devices being recognized here. Tap on the printer icon.
  • Once you open this, it will go to controls. Here, you can get a direct option to reset the printer. Tap on this and connect your printer with a USB.
  • Wait for the system to finish installation and now you can go back to the Apple menu. Click on update software and then open printers again. You can now see the add icon present over here.
  • Tap on this icon and ten select on add printers. You will now be able to add a printer of your choice.

Solution 2: Paper Jam Issues? Solve them now

Paper jam issues might seem to be a common problem for any printer. There is no stipulated time for having such problems. Even in the most expensive printers, you may feel the same.

Step 1:

Turn on your printer and check for papers available in the tray. If it is left with only a few papers, consider adding some more.

Step 2:

Open up your printer cover. You’ll be able to detect immediately if there is any paper stuck. If you find such, take a brush and try to bring out the paper smoothly.

Step 3:

Look for in cartridge levels after connecting to your PC. Once it seems everything is going fine, print a new page. Wait for your ink levels to change and it should work fine.

Solution 3: Using your printer application

Every printer has their own applications which will trigger you a warning if you cannot find any problem manually. For HP printers, you will have to download HP Scan. Once you open up this application, you will be able to automatically scan problems. It should have a warning indication which you will have to clear out. Look for printer assistance applications as developed by your printer manufacturer to find out the issue. You will be able to change it right away.


Using third party applications may not be the ideal solution. Some sensors may not work in your printer which gets difficult for any third party application to detect.

Solution 4: Have you checked all cables?

Sometimes, the problem may not be that strange at all. Even a simple loose connection may lead you into this trouble. Having a glare at your printer cables and configurations become equally important. Look for every wired connection that is available including USB cables to the power adapter. A small disconnection is even enough for turning off your printer. If your printer is wireless, you may have to check connections from your router. Check if the printer is connected to the router properly or not.

Pro Tip:

Never use any type of cable extenders while connecting to a printer. There is always a difference in Printer input power voltage and extender output. If it mismatches, your printer will face a short circuit.

Solution 5: Update your Firmware

Firmware updates may not be a reason to worry about. However it is another reason why your printer is not working properly. Without an adequate firmware, you won’t be able to configure your printer to any PC. The driver of your printer should match the system requirements of your PC. This is why updating your firmware is important. You can load up a new booted firmware in a USB drive and then plug it into your printer. Wait for it to complete updating the firmware at earliest. This may only happen if you are connecting to a new device or a router for wireless connections.

Solution 6: Turn off Automated commands

  • Your printer may be set up with some default programs. This will always cause some minor troubles in getting connected. You can follow these steps below to get this fixed.
  • Go to your start menu and then head out to the control panel. Here, you should find all programs installed. Look for your printer option.
  • Click on your printer icon and select the one having this problem. Once you tap, you will be able to see the current running status of your printer.
  • To pause print tap on this option and then click on offline mode. This will help you to get configured directly with your PC. Your router is now connected with offline mode.

Solution 7: Start working Online

  • If you are still facing frequent offline problems with your printer, you can manually turn it online. Either you can connect your ethernet directly to printer of follow these steps below:
  • Firstly, you need to open up your control panel. You can go to the run box and type down control to open this up. Look for all available printers and devices here.
  • Tap on your printer icon and open the current program. Once you check the status, you can now select the individual printer.
  • Here you will find printer online mode. Simply tap on this and enable this mode. You will now be able to use your printer in online mode.


Having printers set up with your router makes it much easier to complete your work. You can place the printer at any location close to the router and get rid of all cables. But if your printer is continuously turning offline, there might be serious problems. You cannot fix sensors on your own, but you can apply some methods to troubleshoot and fix your printer if there are other problems. All these methods above will help you to get your printer back to work again. If your printer sensors fail to respond, you need to contact the manufacturer or buy a new printer. You can check this wonderful comparison between Epson 7710 VS 7720.

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