YES YOU CAN: Record 4K programming on DIRECTV

As we anxiously await DIRECTV’s live broadcast of the Masters tournament, there has been this persistent rumor that you can’t record 4K programming. The story I’ve been told is yes, you can record it if you can receive it, and you can play it back on any device that could watch it live.

In other words, if you have an HR54, you can record the Masters programming and play it back on your C61K and 4K smart TV. You can’t play back recorded 4K programming on a non-4K TV. This may change with future hardware but for today 4K is 4K and HD is not 4K. Sort of simple as that.

If you have an HR54 and either a C61K client or DIRECTV 4K Ready TV, you should be able to see the Masters in 4K, whether you watch it live or not.

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Stuart Sweet
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